Canadian Premier League TV Details: Soccer Night in Canada?


Toronto, Ontario, Canada (April 17, 2019) — As first kick draws nearer, a few details about if and how Canadian Premier League matches can be seen on TV are coming out. While there has been no formal announcement as of yet, some things are nearly set in stone. Format, it seems, could be one of them.

A Canadian Tradition

I remember the uproar when the “Hockey Night in Canada” theme song changed. The ins and outs of that saga aren’t particularly important, only the reaction of general uproar surrounding Canada’s most beloved media property. Hockey Night in Canada is a staple of the Canadian sports and media landscape. It is a successful product that’s been on the air since 1931 in some form or another. Now, it looks like the fledgling Canadian Premier League is set to emulate some of the National Hockey League’s broadcast success.

Although a formal announcement has yet to be made, more details have slowly become available. First, a quick look at the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and their owned trademarks.

Then, there’s a near-confirmation from Sportsnet soccer editor John Molinaro.

Best-Case Scenario?

A free-to-watch 20 game broadcast schedule on a national media partner like CBC would be a huge win for the young CPL. A quick check at the recently released CPL schedule shows a total of 20 Saturday afternoon games. With the expertise that MediaPRO brings from their production of matches in Spain and France, the product looks like it will be well put together and appealing. All in all, it looks like the Canadian Premier League TV broadcasts are in good hands.

OneSoccer Streaming Service

Also announced earlier this month was OneSoccer, “a 24/7 LIVE and on-demand streaming channel that will become the new home of Canadian Soccer.”

The service will carry live coverage of all Canadian Premier League matches, all Men’s and Women’s national team home matches, along with all 24 matches of the 2019 Canadian Championship. Starting in 2020, a selection of League1 Ontario matches will be broadcast as well. Pricing for the service has yet to be announced.

Only a Few Days to Go

With April 27 and the first ever CPL game just around the corner, things are heating up. Inaugural Kits have been announced,  teams have recently returned from warm-weather training in the Dominican Republic and teams are putting the finishing touches on their opening day rosters. With first kick right around the corner, the years-long dream of a Canadian Professional League are coming to fruition. Trademarks or no, April 27 and the first-ever game between York9 FC and Hamilton Forge FC is Soccer Day in Canada.


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