Sporting KC and US Soccer unveil “Pinnacle National Development Center”

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Kansas City, KS (February 5, 2018)- Peter Vermes talks with reporters in the press room at the newly opened Pinnacle National Development Center. MANDATORY CREDIT-Daniel Sperry, Last Word on Soccer

Kansas City, Kan (February 8, 2018) – Sporting KC have unveiled their brand new practice and rehab facility, now known as ‘Pinnacle’. The $75 million dollar collaboration between Sporting KC, US Soccer, and Children’s mercy, opened it’s doors on Tuesday.

Sporting KC and US Soccer unveil “Pinnacle National Development Center”

The project began construction in July of 2016, and finished just about on schedule. Originally the project was slated for $62 million, but in not leaving a stone un-turned, the facility’s cost slowly crept up. Peter Vermes and Sporting Group, the team’s ownership group literally thought of everything.

Pinnacle will also house a rehab facility that will be used in conjunction with Children’s Mercy, as well as two fields with class-rooms built in, and full fiber optics to house the US Soccer Coaching Development program.

The facility has everything from a barber’s shop chair, for player’s to get their hair cut, to locker rooms, to treadmills in rooms that can simulate heat to 100 degrees and altitude to 20,000 feet.

“There is NFL teams that don’t even come close to this,” said Sporting KC Manager and Technical director, Peter Vermes. “David Beckham came here last friday, three weeks ago. When he was done he said, ‘I’ve been all over the world and by far this is top five easily, of the facilities I’ve seen.’ You can’t help but walk around here and go, ‘holy cow.'”

Sporting KC are also aiming to use this facility to their advantage when it comes to player recruitment. “The difficulty is always getting the player here. If you can get them here, this place sells itself,” said Vermes.

Sporting KC tend to operate like a big-time, small market club. They’re aware of their limitations in terms of the market being able to recruit players. But Vermes believes the facility helps even the playing field as the league grows towards the big spenders.

“We’re not going to be Atlanta. We’re not going to spend, at least now, we’re not spending $15 million on one guy, another $4 million in incentives, which now could be $19 million dollars just to buy him. That’s not who we’re going to be based on economics,” said Vermes. “It’s a business that we’re running. We’re in a small market. We have certain constraints based on that.”

“We as an organization have to work harder and work smarter than the others. Because we can’t afford to make mistakes. At the end of the day, money can sometimes buy off your mistakes. For us, we don’t have that luxury. We have to be a lot more accurate when we do things.”

Sporting KC and US Soccer worked in conjunction with local Children’s Health Care, and Sporting KC’s main sponsor, Children’s Mercy on the project. Local health tech company, Cerner also played a major role in some of the significant health re-gen options within the facility. According to Sporting Club President, Jake Reid, it was a priority for them to bring in local companies to help with the project.

I don’t know how much credit they’ve gotten for how this thing finished up. It wouldn’t be the facility it is, if Children’s Mercy didn’t come in and partner,” said Reid. “The gym, a lot of this wouldn’t be what it was if it weren’t for Children’s (Mercy) coming in to partner with us. Local has always been important to us. I think with our ownership group that’s always going to be the case. It will never change. So the more local organizations we can work with, that’s always our preference.”

We put together a video of the visit, so watch and enjoy!


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