USL: Swope Park Rangers Fall Short To San Antonio

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Kansas City, Missouri – Swope Park Rangers just didn’t have it on the night, as San Antonio FC came into Children’s Mercy Victory Field and stole three points.

Swope Park Rangers Fall Short To San Antonio

San Antonio FC walked in unbeaten, and emerged unscathed, as they continue their fine run to start the season. A former Ranger helped get the job done, as San Antonio’s lone goal came off a lightning quick counter-attack at the start of the second half. Since the first half wasn’t really much to writer home about, we’ll start in the second.

Swope Park dominated the posession for the match, holding just over 75% of the posession. Not only did they dominate that, they outchanced them nearly twice as much. However, San Antonio came away with the goods thanks to Nkongho O’Ojong’s goal on a scintillating counter.

In the 53rd minute, San Antonio was dropped well within their own half, when Swope Park turned the ball over trying to enter the final third. The attack moved quickly from left to right, as Kris Tyrpak waltzed in on the right hand side. Nobody picked up the far post run as O’Ojong waltzed in to the back post and headed Tyrpak’s perfectly weighted cross into the back of the net.

If there was any bright-side for Swope Park, it was rookie right back, Colton Storm. Storm held the right side in check for the most of the match, and looked really good getting forward. Unfortunately, any time he was in good position to whip a ball into the box, not many Swope Park shirts were in the danger area.

The loss drops Swope Park Rangers to 4-5-0, with 12 points. They’re currently sitting sitting seventh in the Western Conference. San Antonio remains in first place, moving to 10-0-2 They’re next match is coincidentally, against eachother. They play each-other again next Saturday in San Antonio